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title: just an occupational hazard (chapter three)

summary: dealing with testy dragons was never really a problem. a few scratches in the right places, maybe some soothing words and a fish or two, and the reptiles would always calm down enough for him to approach safely. but not this time.

note: so here’s the third and final installment in my little mini fic. it was fun to play with this idea and i’m quite happy with how it turned out (and relieved that i finished it)

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 The door opened before Hiccup could get out a witty response and the Hooligan chief’s head appeared behind it. 

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and here’s a super quick mericcup doodle

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so i just finished the first two books of the obsidian mirror (chronoptika) series by catherine fisher and i can’t even tell you how hard i cried over these two boys

if you’ve read these books please come to me so i can scream about my pain. if you haven’t read them, i would recommend getting on that as soon as you can.


"We slow for no one."

Concept art and character designs for Paranorman (2012)

Mikoshiba Seijuro + Mikoshiba Momotarou  |  Reactions to Kou’s cute face

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that is the face of a guilty nerd


can’t wait for season two

just a little more and i will get all my makotos„„„„„